The Biggest Cat in The World According To Guinness

Perhaps some people know the huge cats, however, being overweight can be the cause of that cat is too large to enter the Guinness Book of Records, is due to present a healthy cat include the correct weight and height.

Has taken this action by the Guinness organization to prevent “abnormal fattening” by the owners just for appearing there and have advertising, this measure is laudable to prevent this kind of abuse, because about to feed a pet is also abuse.


Then the largest cats in the world of the cat family are as follows:
Is the lion or the tiger? if you are confused, the answer to that question is that the greatest in the world of the cat family cat, is “tiger”. Yes, even though lions are heavier big can and have more impressive appearance due to its impressive mane tiger is the largest.

If the body of a Bengal tiger with the body strength of an “African lion” to compared, you’ll remark that the tiger is larger; however, the lions have a ferocious roar and are considered the king of beasts.

However, “ligers”, that are the progeny of tigers with lion are the biggest cat family, however, they’re rare, look at the image and believe it. Ligers can be played only in captivity, and even difficult to reproduce. A liger will have similar characteristics to both a lion and a tiger.

Major domestic cat breed in the World

The prize race largest domestic cat going to – the Maine Coon, on average these cat breeds weigh around 5-10 kilos; They’ re good educated, friendly and soft fur.

Cats might grow as large as 35 inches, those cats are simply to be natives of Maine, but no one is certain of its exact origin.

Another breed of domestic cat, that is huge in size is the “Savannah cat”. “Savannah cats” were bred by mating a wild African with a Siamese domestic cat. Those cats have characteristics of a dog, usually are with its owner and respond well to a leash as well.

The bigges cat of the Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Record holder for longest cat, 2006, was read a Maine Coon whose owner was called Frieda Irland, then became stewed, a housecat exceed 1,22 meters from nose to tail, but died this year to eight years in Reno, Nevada.

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