Paris Hilton – Aquarius, Leo Moon, Sagittarius Rising – A Symbol of What?

First of all, they had to name her “Paris”. Somebody was writing with Destiny’s Crayon. Fast forward from Feb 17, 1981 and , she goes to Paris and has a video made of her doing to a man what every man went cross-eyed over! So she gets famous where she wasn’t famous before. This funds her reality show, which gives her “standing” as a celebrity. Recently she was arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas. And guess what “What happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas.” It is as if her “natural” lifestyle has some kind of fixed ratio: 400 days per headline, 900 days per arrest, 1500 days per true scandal.

America, the Land of the Tipping Point into Desperate Giggly Degradation

She, of the impersonal Aquarius sun, the “so what I can do what I want to” Leo Moon, and the “in your face, I jump over whatever fence I want to” Sagittarius Rising – what can the world expect? She gets to be the American Tantalizer. Now, there’s an Identity for you.

In the days of Rome when the perfection of perversion came along, and they were related to the Emperor’s family, and they were not killed by a jealous Emperor relative, they were (tolerated)(ignored)(gossiped about)(adored). The system created people like Caligula and Nero. “Oh just one of those naughty people from the Julian houses”. You can’t dream up these people in fiction. They have to be real! They are the by products of corruption and self-indulgence. When the Media, the co-creator of all of this sloppy, staring back at the hindquarters of life’s basic boisterous self-exploitation, comes along and zooms in on ejaculate, you have to ask: “What did they say in the editing room?”

Permissiveness Means No Shame. No Shame Means No Blame

The perfect horoscope with the perfect family name with the perfect gender at the perfect time becomes our perfect permanent American Boil on the backside of our Collective American Derriere.

You say “We have always had this stuff”. Yes, we have, but the quantitative lack of shame and ambient permissiveness means that American is chuckling where they used to say “OH”. They are salacious where they used to be a tad embarrassed. They are resigned where they used to be outraged. Paris is not special. She is our current messed up millionaire. Sex and drugs and rock and roll will always be what they are. Right?

The Symbol of “Bad Girl” Can Take Us to Jezebel And Then Back to Lilith

The actual woman Jezebel was a “foreign” queen of Israel as Ahab’s wife, she fostered the worship of Baal who tried to kill Elijah and his company of prophets. There is no real relationship, legally or historically to poor misunderstood Paris, however there is a linguistic heritage that has been subsumed into our English heritage. “Shameless” is an adjective you will see associated with her name. She is called in many sources a “shameless, impudent and scheming woman”. But Lilith takes the cake for being transfixing, scary, sexual, murderous, felonious and completely defiant. There is a modern feminist group that names itself happily after her. Anciently, Jewish people who believed in her powers would create amulets and symbols to keep her from her night time crimes and misdemeanors. Accused of being a succubus, child killer and kidnapper, she embodies both an ancient human identity and a more modern demonic one. Somehow in our world, women don’t just get to be normal, women have to be sexual, romantic, mother, saint, whore, virgin or pregnant deity.

Woman Laden With Symbol and Meaning and Force

One interesting correlation – Women’s Fashion with Economy and Societal Values is one that people have made over the decades. It is common knowledge that the adoration, obsession or just plain analysis of how women are viewed is one about which many books have been written. Grandmothers of recent passing had pictures of their “flapper” outfits. So, we readily admit that the scale of female symbolism covers much territory indeed. My point is that “good girl”, “girl next door” and “bad girl” can be sign posts along the way, not only about how we view women, but how we view ourselves in a societal context.

The Female as Goddess/Fallen Goddess – Better Than The Alternative

After all what are women really? Sisters, mothers, lovers, daughters, wives, workers, teachers, philosophers, craftspeople, business people, etc. Women work harder than the male counterpart. My experience shows me that. However, the Kabbalah makes some marvelous postulates about women; ones that can give us great pause. The Kabbalah very subtly puts forward the idea that while we hang heavy symbols associated with women, the Divine declares that it is Men who are laden with the most heavy “correction” (the phrase they use for “man, you need fixing) and the areas for improvement and new lessons and the progress of the soul have to do with the Male Life. It is hard to say this, but there is heavy traditional hypothesizing that frankly “Women do not carry as much karmic burden as men do.” This is definitely a topic for a series of books, but the reason I bring this up is this. When you look at human life, it does seem that women are in the role of reparation, healing, making whole. And men are the comitters of mayhem, skullduggery, and most of the carnage and crime that occurs on this planet. So, these things being somewhat believed, or casually accepted by the normal thinking person – why do we care about the “bad girl”?

Paris Hilton Could Be Misunderstood

Why do we care about Paris? There’s the woman getting away with having fun story (bold woman can sin like the boys). There’s the titillation. (Woman who performs fellatio before the whole world is still standing and credible, not like “Deep Throat”. She still has everything she had. And maybe she will find me some night.). Maybe its just all of these things and the way the Media works. And thus, it is not worth a deep bite into meaning, just a soft passing of the lips over constant robust sensuality. After all tomorrow’s headline is a “bottomless pit” waiting for human satisfaction.

Start the story this way. A little girl is born to a mega rich family and is not taught much about responsibility and probably spoiled silly. Then she turns out to have the beauty of a mysterious creature. Her horoscope sets her up to make decisions this way and that. And she ends up choosing a whole lot of “that”. Because of her last name she is trapped. She looks like a model, but cannot actually be just a working model. Wants to be an actress, but she is so much herself, she can only be a reality star. Poor girl is trapped. Who knows when she became sexually active. She probably started with her little girl friends. Then they got “little Johnny” from a neighboring rich family and got it all started. That has real appeal. She sees porn so early it looks like an instructional film from a Secret Tutor.

Thus “Hiltonics” completely surrounds her and wraps her in a soft silk rope. She may have half a brain, but almost always sounds just plain dumb. She is probably not, but have pity on her. In her world, everyone just smiles, no matter what she says. She takes it all as a sign of approval, when more than half the time they are knee-slappingly laughing on the inside, as they smile on the outside. She probably really does feel “unlucky”. “After all, cocaine is as common as sugar everywhere I go, it’s just when you get inside limosines that you are particularly vulnerable. It’s just not fair”.

Heaven and Fate and Idiocy, Hearst and Chaplin and Hedda Hopper

Paris, there are spirits and the after life and heaven and hell, but when it comes to this world, don’t be an idiot. Fate, destiny, your horoscope and the tantalizing draw of getting headlines and constant attention and adoration will probably lead you into some predictable fate. And the news gets lurid because you, dear little Paris are on the front page. We could just apologize for the gigantic Media monster that is ours in 2010. But why apologize for omniverous human curiosity. It is just what it is.

We can hate the Media if we want, but at least we are not back in the “old media” where Hedda Hopper, super gossiper, gets to witness “something” on a yacht off the California Coast, and the greatest publisher, William Randolph Hearst, and the greatest star, Charlie Chaplin, amidst adultery and all — witness — a death, or a killing, or murder. Who knows for sure? Now that we are in the “new days”, we can look back on that event that is now shrouded in history and movie lore and get all wide-eyed because it’s mystery and full of king pins and famous names. These days, everything is so pedestrian, immediate and filled with DNA, bodily fluids, and “blood spatter”, that even the stars just become a part of the distasteful, ultimately completely disappointing NEWS. So, Paris, all I can say is “Try for better headlines”. That might be a noble goal for someone who has it all.

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