Juliette Binoche Closes with a Flourish Competition in Cannes

Juliette Binoche today to put a bright close competition at the Cannes Film Festival with “Sils Maria”, a film written and directed by Frenchman Olivier Assayas.

And it was Binoche, always dazzling, which had the idea to make this film. He was on vacation, was, and thought I would make a film about three women and was divided into three parts. When thinking about who could write it, I thought Assayas.

It took two years to develop, said the filmmaker who composed this acclaimed work almost a play with the Alps as the setting.

“Sils Maria” focuses on an actress (Binoche) has already exceeded 40 and that offer to do the same play that launched to stardom with a media controversy and emerging actress (Chloë Grace Moretz).

Throughout the footage came to light his insecurities and vulnerabilities, particularly through its close relationship with her (an amazing Kristen Stewart) personal assistant.

The film, which evokes classics like “All About Eve” by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, but also “Persona” by Ingmar Bergman, is set in a corner of the Swiss Alps that becomes setting and character at a time of history.

Sils-Maria, where Nitzsche wrote a few paragraphs of “Thus Spake Zarathustra” is a place that has inspired poets, painters and artists, Assayas explained. “I wanted to set the story in a place of timeless beauty,” he said.

Binoche, an icon of beauty and sophistication, appears just doing their makeup and wrinkles visible (something virtually taboo in Hollywood) and provides an interpretive duel with Stewart (absent in Cannes), which provides that it may have been their best appearance in the large display to date.

In continuous dialogues, Binoche, Assayas tape with barely works essays, displays a dazzling multiplicity of records to show all facets of the actress who is trying to deal with the passage of time.

However, in real life for her things they are much simpler. “There is a time for everything. When you realize what you really want, time stops counting. The important thing is to create. I have no time for myself to think over time,” the Oscar winner (“The Inglés Patient “).

Binoche, declared best actress at Cannes with “Certified Copy” (2010), he said he did not think about the future, because the future is something that comes. That is why is always trying to find something new, because you can not always do the same. “We propose critical issues as we are becoming older. There is a kind of inner chemistry. Life will sculpting, one evolves,” he said.

The Palma de Oro?
“Sils Maria” is the fourth attempt by the director of “Clean” or “Les sentimental destinées” to win the Palme d’Or, a prize also opt Andrei Zviagintsev with “Leviathan” drama on corruption and betrayal set in Russia today.

Zviagintsev, who took the Golden Lion in Venice for “The Return” (2003) and won the Special Jury Prize in Un Certain Regard at Cannes with “Elena” (2011), will run until the “end of the world” on the shores of the Barents Sea, to acclimate this story about a simple man who removes a corrupt politician’s house where his family has lived for generations.

Property speculation of an unscrupulous businessman, corruption of local authorities and their collusion with religious destroy this man’s life. “It’s the old story about the fate of human beings,” said the director, whose work was well received.

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