Jennifer Lopez Falls at American Music Awards – Career Highs and J Lo’s for Out of Sight Star

Jennifer Lopez took a tumble at the American Music Awards on Sunday 23 rd November after climbing a ladder made of men. She jumped off the top and landed very awkwardly in a fall that could have been much more serious. The show went on for brave J Lo as she continued and completed the performance, which included her new song “Louboutins”.

I guess this could be billed as another comeback from the once super celebrity who just a few short years ago had both Hollywood and the music industry eating out of the palm of her hand. Earning critical acclaim for her performance in cult Oliver Stone movie “U Turn” opposite the likes of Sean Penn and Billy Bob Thornton, it was only a year later when movie critics and fans were cooing about her again in the fantastic Steven Soderbergh film “Out of Sight” in a great turn opposite heartthrob George Clooney.

It was a defining moment for both actors’ careers as the offers rolled in, and they both starred in a string of high profile movies in the next few years. J Lo appeared in psychological horror, “The Cell”, romantic comedies, “The Wedding Planner” and “Maid in Manhattan” and dramas, “Angel Eyes” and “Enough” before the now infamous movie flop “Gigli”, with ex Ben Affleck seemed to derail a promising acting career. Despite decent turns in “An Unfinished Life” alongside Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford and the honest but hardly seen “Bordertown” critics (as is their way) seemed to turn on Lopez and the movies appeared to dry up.

At the turn of the millennium J Lo’s pop career was also in hyper drive and a couple of hugely successful albums and a string of hit singles showed she could dance, act and sing. Later music projects have seemed lower in profile and less successful as a result and in recent years Jennifer has of course been concentrating on family life with husband Marc Anthony, and gave birth to twins in 2008.

Let’s hope that the new album and a movie, “The Back Up Plan” slated for a release next year, can jump start the multi talented J Lo’s commercial career once again. Perhaps a high profile fall at the American Music Awards (thankfully unhurt) is just what the doctor ordered to bring Jennifer Lopez into the thoughts and minds of people once more.

Several months on and the Back Up Plan has just been released to lukewarm reviews and the movie appears to be just another so-so romcom for J Lo. Shame.

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