How to Make Cash On-line With Video Marketing


You can MAKE CASH ONLINE using video marketing if you follow a simple step-by-step blueprint. Implement these three tips into your marketing campaign and you will drive a tons of free traffic to your sites.


  1. OPT-IN PAGES. The 1st step in any marketing campaign is to make an opt-in page featuring two or four minute video of you. You might use this video to identify an emotional trigger with your visitor. Ask yourself the following question: is my prospect experiencing pain and urgency or some irrational passion toward something.


For instance of this would be some emotion around money, losing weight, or a relationship issue. make a video and identify your prospects issue, agitate it and then clearly explain how you can assist them get what they need by opting in to your offer.


  1. HOW TO CREATE VIDEOS. The second methods for making cash online is to make a series of “how to” videos. Remember, your opt-in page is building a list of prospects that have an issue. All you require to do is show them the solution.


Video lets you to become a friend, show your caring personality, and demonstrate that you “feel their pain”. You have heard the saying “show me do not tell me”, correct? Well, you’re stimulating a person’s hearing and sight which doubles your chance for conversion. You have the option of making a single how to video or a series of videos sent out over time.


  1. OPTIMIZE USING VIDEO. The third and final technique is to use video for engine optimization. You have heard of Search Engine Optimization for sites, However, did you realize you can use the same technique to optimize a video?


Well you can and you would, Whether you want your videos to appear in search results on search engines like YouTube and Google. In order to do this you’ll create a 200-250 word description of your video. Be certain to make an offer to your visitor in the description.


Also, you will also select several keywords that you think prospects will use when seeking for what you sell. These’re called Tags and your videos will be found while people enter one or more of your tags in the search bar.


You would also include your URL link at the starter of your description so that viewers can easily click on it, it will bring them to your site.


Would you love to learn more about HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE using Video Marketing? If so, then take a look at the step-by-step video tutorials here where you’ll learn video marketing technique sets and much more!


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