How Designers Able To Make Huge Revenue In Their Spare Time ?

Designers have spare time? That sounds weird!


How to make a production use of your spare time to generate more business and revenue?


Have your designers ever thought that your spare time will return more revenue on you than you actual business time? In this article, I will go through the most famous ways to keep you efficiently.


1 – Designing Templates and selling them.


How many designer design your moody customer didn’t like? A second option and sometimes a third and most of the time he choose the options you don not prefer. Now, it is time to make use these unaccepted designs by your customer. Simply modify these designs and make templates out of them that you can sell. Or making your template from scratch if you have time.


The best thing about websites that sell your templates like graphic river is that they keep selling it forever. This means that you’ll always have income each time your design gets sold. The best part is that you can sell your templates at more than 1 site thus growing your revenue even more. Now you have surprising emails all the time with more templates sold and more income added.


This strategy is also helpful since your work will get spread over many websites and will get visitor by many potential require of designers people. So you would get freelance work as well.


2 – Taking Photos and selling them.


Turn on your camera and follow me. Another method to make revenue of your spare time is to sell your photos. There’s nothing simpler than shooting something with your camera. Upload your photos to sites such as istockphoto and then you have different source of revenue.

Not in the mood of shooting landscapes? Simply take photos of objects at your home. Shoot your television, Your laptop, Your fruits or your books . Anything works since these sites accept stock photos and they even sell more.


3 – Promoting your site, blog or Facebook page


Your site is your next source of income. Update your site, add your latest designs, write articles and learn some SEO technique…


People who love your work will always come to see something new. Link your social networks to your site and create an RSS feed to keep people informed about your latest publish. Use something like Twitterfeed to auto post your website updates to your Facebook and twitter profiles and pages.


Use your website and add links for your templates that you uploaded on template selling websites. Add links for you photos on stock photo websites as well.


4 – Designing Freebies and submitting them.


– freebie is a small design element like a button, an icon, a texture, etc..


A freebie takes less time than anything else.


In your spare time, perhaps in the gap, Perhaps between finish a project and starting a new one, create and submit a freebie to freebie sites such as


These sites permit you to put your link and thus drive a massive traffic to your site.


Freebies are used to attract tweets, links, and shares on social networking sites like twitter, Facebook etc..


Freebies provide people an idea about the creativity and quality of your designs and provide you more chances of getting discovered and hired.


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