Hollywood Producers Need Some Brand New Idea

Hollywood is built on the power of “idea”, and television is the fastest platform development ideas, be produced through storytelling and games. Most people think of Hollywood as a closed door, with opportunities reserved for those who “know people”. On the contrary, Hollywood is a machine constantly on the lookout for new ideas to help reinvent itself and bring a new form of entertainment to the viewers.

After working for seven years as a development executive, creation and launch of concepts with producers, I can tell you that is simply a game of matching the right concept to the right producer at the right time.

The most notable pioneer of television who started his empire from a simple notion is my former boss, Merv Griffin. In 1964 (post quiz show scandals), Merv was flying from New York with his wife Julann weighting ideas for shows they could pitch, they began to explore the following idea; “What if we gave the contestant the answer, and they had to figure out what it was that triggers similar to this playful conversation;

Julann, “5280”. Merv, “How many feet are in a mile?”. Julann, “Correct”. Julann, “Ford Theatre”. Merv, “Where Abraham Lincoln shot?”. Julann, “correct”.

The game and the basic idea went through many stages of development even before it was released to the network, but once produced, became the most successful game show in television history we know as “Jeopardy! ” In 1986 Griffin sold the show, along with “Wheel of Fortune” (created shortly after) to Coca Cola Company for a staggering $ 250 million in cash.

Today, the landscape of programming and the treatment is very different, and creating such simple concepts that have not already been produced is difficult. To our benefit, the outlets and opportunities for new TV shows is literally one so it was in the 60s Hollywood producers and directors working full development to create or find those new concepts to sell to TV networks time and more are using the Internet to new source material.

A variety of sources can be found online for writers to research and become directly involved in the industry. TVWritersVault.com by producers of new exploration projects and writers to pitch their material is used.

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