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Gareth Bale is now an accomplished footballer, who lives daily with the first sports step worldwide. A player recognized in every corner of the planet, defending the shield of one of the powers of the modern game, such as Real Madrid, and that still leaves details of a sporting potential within reach of a few.

Welsh footballer rose to fame in England, the media always Premier League, when he became one of the most coveted left-handed Tottenham leading the season in a comprehensive sporting level. His last year in the English tournament Florentino Perez was decisive blow the final step before payment stratospheric economically, to sign him.

However, it was not always easy for him, was not always the star today rendered in the highest professional standards. Formed in the quarry productive Southampton, signed in 2007 by Tottenham, which signed one of its most important stages. There would be a complicated, full of barriers beginning, even to be starring in a distressing situation that many in the area came to curse catalog.


Gareth Bale was a young talent who had signed the White Hart Lane club. A left-back that brought dynamism, offensive weight, but had a mysterious beginning. Yes, the figure of Welsh footballer was involved for a time an enigmatic aura that came to become a negative focus. Reason, logic or fanciful, he could have.

And that is beginning, as we have said, were complicated. Not because of him, there was not even a culprit, but sports statistics with Gareth Bale Tottenham were totally negative. Gradually he was taking minutes. She was a young pearl obviously should have opportunities to continue to progress, but something was missing, something prevented the Spurs Bale exploded.

In the first 24 official matches in which Gareth Bale participated with his new club none Tottenham ended in victory. A losing streak that was taking media weight, especially in North London, with the passage of minutes. Play for or alternate, he did not care. If Bale played, and didn’t win. Like a ghost fog settled weather. There was no logic, no technique, no explanation sports. The home crowd could only resign himself to it, even superstitious gaining weight. Gareth Bale looked like a ‘damn’ player. He was a player of absolute conditions, a pearl with a projection which aimed too high (as seen today), but his team did not win with him in the field.

Gareth Bale, Mom’s Boy

We could imagine touring British effort Harry Redknapp his beautiful continent from the deck of a sloop nineteenth century to the Strait of Malacca, swaying gently in the intoxicating breath of the tropics and the punch. The man is among those veterans manager of English football who spent time as one in the Imperial Navy. Astute business talker and naturally endowed with a sensibility that connects you to your boys in a way worthy and folk, framed Tottenham between 2008 and 2012. One day he asked if the young man Gareth Bale holidays. “I gave him four days off and invited him to travel. But the boy went to his mother’s house.” Redknapp shrugged; for him, he explained everything.


It has been more than two years that the incentive to the adventure. For the young, and almost a lifetime, enough time to forge a professional reputation. Because Bale has 21 goals in 33 games in the last Premier League and was named the best player of the season.

Taking advantage of the change in the profile of his face, he changed his hair shaved sides and bangs combed back with aerodynamic effect. Now your look is fashionable and don’t know whether the driver was him, but it seems to be the most famous, or most of the famous novel.

Bale is more famous, there was two weeks because the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez decided to make him pay for 100 million euros, the highest price ever paid by a company to another for rights an athlete. An absolute broken record. A figure that invites to fantasize about the added value of a man who says his favorite drink when the night is cold water. A Welshman who denies beer and not designed an important step without consulting Debbie, her mother.

Stephen, maternal uncle, who lives at the corner of the old villa of Bale in Cardiff advises rummaging through his hazy memories. “As a child is his mother. He always listened much for your advice,” he said.

Debbie Bale, then led the entourage of the family who attended the presentation with Player. At 55, this wonderful woman blond hair topped by a pair of yellow crystal glasses, he planted his strong legs to the back of Florentino Perez as vigilant guard body. The photo of the event is composed around. Gareth son with his wife and daughter Emma Alba, A family flanks rolled to his left, his daughter Vicky, her grandchildren Georgia and Max, his son Richard and his brother Dennis.

They say the astonished friend’s outskirts of Cardiff where Gareth that, unlike the rest, the player can spare spirits raised, but not imagine life without the family. He is 24 years old and has been used in manufactured a simple routine: all sports within your reach and go home with mom and Emma first late.

Emma Rhys-Jones is the girlfriend he began dating in Whit church” the name of church” Institute eight years ago. The same girl that lives and is the mother of his daughter.

The existence of Bale just defining playgrounds. Petit was one of those introverted children expressing their feelings wasting energy. He athletics. He was able to run 100 meters in 11.4 seconds. He played rugby, hockey, football. His left foot has gained prestige among the detectors talents. Southampton academy got for nine years. At 16 he became the youngest player to debut it. In 2007 he was hired by Tottenham. It started as left back and left some tracks. First, he noted for its speed, power, strength. In his irresistible impulse he added goal of habit.

The technicians in charge of pricing for the Real Madrid players set their price at a range of around 60 million euros. Tottenham has calculated the value of 70. But the market is capricious because the needs are impenetrable. Florentino Perez believed needed a sparkling engagement. The kind of idol able to identify his face with his back to the membership and to society and the aura of the triumphant entrepreneur. Someone to score goals, maybe looking good, worthy of a commercial. Photogenic. Ideally in such cases, it is a young Columbia, given the enormous commercial release to get all English industrial products, including football players. All roads led to Bale.

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