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Professional blog design  and Install for your company need? Do you have a specific need to position itself on the internet as reference in a sector or a particular niche? Both with a corporate blog as one sector you can increase the visibility of your business activities. In turn you will also facilitate interaction with users on the internet when conducting market research projects, launch new products and service, etc. it is also increases on the internet.


At the time of launching an online project, a careful image is essential. When the web adventure blog or blog network begins format, it is very important to have innovative design and above all, that is attractive to internet users.


Analysis and consulting 30%

Customizing 60%

Creating content 80%

Dissemination 100%

This service Angkor web Content! we will provides the launch of a blog or video blog for subsequent management and maintenance. Among its most important features include the design and creation of personalized and individualized blog, According to customer requirement and the subject to treated with guarantee of quality with Angkor web content! having managed hundreds of similar projects.


Once you have already decided to create a blog for your company or your project, it is important to have clear three distinct stages: The blog design, blog creation and maintenance of the blog.


In order to provide the highest quality, we will consider the time that you have to implement your strategies. Thus, when we start the implementation  of your blog, we will tell you how long each step will take for you to know at all the times how and when you can have your operating blog.


The design is one of the most important aspects when setting up a blog. And it is the first filter that users must go through to get to your content as what is go to find anything else to access your URL. If the design of your blog is not attractive or is outdated. Many users do not even accede to your content, However that was good they are.


blog design with the adage that picture is worth a thousand words, both for good and for evil is met. Here Angkor Web. we are responsible for that image is totally positive and make it a true reflection of hat you have in mind for your business or project.


When selecting a design for your blog, it is important to consider several factors. Normally a blog is often associated with a with a certain brand image, whether a company, a product, a project etc…, This branding should be seen as you walk through the blog. We will use logo, color slogans or spelling associated with your brand or project.


Since Angkor Web company! we will advise you in regard to the placement and location of these elements i think the blog for the impact is possible. Thus. When users log in to your blog, it will completely clear that they have come to the right place just take a look to the design.


I also recommend what is the most appropriate design for the posts of your project or business to success not only the content displayed in simple and dynamic way, but also have those personal touches that make the difference between a blog and other.


Once again, we offer you our experience in internet offer, in this case, the design strategy tailored to you need blogs completely customized.


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