5 Tips To Find Work This Summer

If you are person who like to contact with people and like tourism and other cultures, and it dose not have complex or you are embarrassed to talk and dance in front of many people, Your work is the animator. Either hotel, Camping or cruising, the truth is that summer fires the number of such deals. If you are valuing it, we offer a few tips for you to get employment.


1.Know at least a second language.

if you want to work with a trainer this summer, a prerequisite is that at least speak a second language, but obviously if you speak a third language it more opportunities. In fact, On the portal in Europe where job as an animator, specifically requested as a condition”a high level of English and proficient in a second language like french, German or Russian”.


2.Great capacity for teamwork

Make animator is not an individual job. on the other hand you have to be in contact with hotel guests or camping or cruising so keep in mind that if you do not like also have to coordinate strategy with official’s entertainment hotel and the rest of the animation team. the ability to work in teams is also indispensable.


  1. Dance and sport

Learn to dance. Albeit provides minimal classes so that your body gets used to the coordination and appearing to have the rhythm inside.You might like dancing but highly developed this activity so it is better to take a small class. And do sport. Animation is an eminently physical activity and need to be fit. In addition, Within the animation always appear sports activities such as sports aerobics class, Which are a classic, or aerobics, Now takes a lot in the pools.


4.Adaptation to other cultures

Note that you will work with many different cultures, Not just Spanish. So you have to be change yourself and adapt to them: Your customer are going to be paying for you! So you must make them feel comfortable with you. Although initially it may cost you finally be enrich for you.



5.Gateway to other posts

Between 4. and 60 percent of the contracted hotels for animation staff on temporary contracts. However. There are two different profiles in these contracts; Those who simply want to work in summer and those who want a career in summer as well. Therefore we recommend that if after the summer you are not sure about your future, You try as possible during your contract because it is not at all impossible for you to stay later. According to hoteliers, recruit student interested in working as an amusement during the summer is relatively easy, the difficult thing is to find people with specific training in animation who want a career in the sector. In fact, from the department of animation at school of hospitality and tourism CETT, They claim that the center receives an average of ten jobs for each of its student training cycle technician in tourist entertainment. So we suggest that you prepare because it is a sector with great potential and as you see in great demand.


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