What Dose It Cost To Start For Business

Start a business in Spain is not wrong and it takes little time…… quite the opposite. And that we are tried of our politicians adopt rules again and again to simplify formations.


Let’s go slowly reeled any of these processes for a standard type of business.


  1. our business plan

No company will work well if you have a good foundation, and this foundation we mean business plan that can get us to zero cost if we ourselves who designed it. if not so and we need to turn to a professional, a consultant say it leave us about 300 euros.


  1. To request the company name to central registry

In three days we will have overcome this procedure also costs 20 euros.


  1. Compose by laws and membership covenant

Normally this step, so specific that it is usually done by a professional, In this case a lawyer, Which is obviously the one knows better than anyone how to write these document. But logically it charged for it, about 200 euros and a time of about two days.


  1. Open bank account and deposit

Open a bank account is free and takes a few minutes. And for example, if deposit a limited partnership, The minimum initial contribution is $3,000.


  1. Signature of of deeds and NIF application

On the same day you can have completed this step, though, it is to cost 150 to 500 euros.


  1. Settle Stamp Duty

More paperwork and more fees if commissioned and advisory because you do not know or cannot do 100 euros.


  1. Register The Company In The Commercial Register

This heavy procedure will take us about 15 days and between 60 and 300 euros.


  1. High Prosecutor In Finance And Definitive NIF

a day and cost 100 euros


9.High In The Upper Social Security And Workers

Naturally, also as a business owner you have to be discharge in social security, and if you intend to have hired workers. You can do it in a day for 100 euros.


  1. Plan for prevention of occupational hazards

A longer mandatory for all newly minted company that process, can come to cost 100 euros and in one day and be done.


  1. Conclusions

With all the above quantities we can say that starting a business in Spain can come to cost (excluding $3,000 initial capital because it is only for limited partnership) as little as 830 euros and 1,420. That if you do it without the help of professionals. if you have to dip into them, the total amount can range from about 1430-2020. And if add the invested last days, we would leave a total of 50, Although there are obviously steps that can be done at once.



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