These Are The Five Best-Paid Actresses in Hollywood

As every year, Forbes magazine published the list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. This time Angelina Jolie who heads the relationship after winning $ 33 million between June 2012 and June 2013.

According to the publication, the couple Brad Pitt is one of the few actresses in the industry that can claim a payment of US $ 15 million, as it took for starring in the Disney movie “Maleficent”. In 2012 it fell to fourth in the better paid. Today, grossing more than $ 13 million last year, again shows that it is the queen.

Second, and winning 9 million less than Jolie, we find the new darling of Hollywood: Jennifer Lawrence. At 22 Oscar winner Stomp: It is not only the protagonist of one of the most anticipated franchises, ‘The Hunger Games’, and raises US $ 24 million a year. It is also one of the great promises of the industry.

Last year it emerged as the most won. However, this time Kristen Stewart must settle for third place. This time it raised $ 22 million, 12.5 million less than last year. The finished filming “Twilight” and being bombarded by reporters after cheating on Robert Pattinson seems to have done well with their finances.

The list of the top 5 is completed by apgadas Jennifer Aniston (US $ 20 million) and Emma Stone (US $ 16 million).

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart forgets the granddaughter of Elvis Presley
Robert Pattinson would have already found a substitute for his former partner Kristen Stewart. It would be a beautiful actress and model who is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley.

According to “Daily Mail”, the girl he has captured the star of the “Twilight” would be the eldest daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, Riley Keough. Pattinson and she would have spent the weekend together.

Riley Keough is 24 and has suffered a broken similar to Robert Pattinson. Granddaughter of Elvis was engaged to model Alex Pettyfer, but broke off their engagement earlier this year for his infidelity. The actor of “Twilight” was also deceived by Stewart, who became involved with the director of the film Snow White, she starred.

Notably, Keough and Pattinson have been professionally related Dior. He has just signed for Dior Homme and she was the image of one of the perfume house.

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