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SEO article writing is very necessary. There’re many things you should realize about article writing. Whether you have already started grip on SEO skill, Now when you’re know more about article writing and submission, I have analyzed few query you might have to get the answers.
How many words should one article have?

There’s no such definition of how long the article should have. It should be short and sweet to cover the topic and shouldn’t be lengthy or boring to lose the attract of the visitor. Preferably, an article having 350-400 words suits is best and fulfills the requirements of the reader. Moreover, there’re some article submission directories that accept minimum six hundred words articles. See that your articles are free from grammatical errors and they’re enjoyable for your readers. Your articles must be informative enough to the topic and must not mislead your readers in any wrong direction.

How my writing should be?

It’s good to have the article as simple as you possible. Don’t make it just like going on and on. It sound like a person is talking or giving an attracting speech. It more like sharing information which people aren’t aware of. Readers will not get bored Whether if they belong to the similar industry and as if they have discovered your article in the search, they intend to read it. Hence, the bottom line is, it would be readable. Just make certain that you have fun your own article. Read it twice or thrice before submitting. Correct frames of sentences whether you discover they’re not up to the standards. This’s a usual process of proof reading.


Can I use the keyword phrases/keywords and focus on them in the article?
Yes, of course. As you are optimizing your site, you also can optimize your article. Since, you’re going to post the article on your own web-site or blog; there’s no harm at all.

When can I submit the article?

Whenever an article is written and is ready according to you, it possible to submit.

If the article is complete, where to submit it?

If you search over the net by typing article submit, you’ll come across many article submission web-sites and directories. You can then select one of them which is related to your services or business and has more subscribers.

To submit an article, how long does it always take?


This answer can be figured out by your own self in far proper way. After you submit for few times, you’ll have hands set on the submission part and you might possible to do more submissions down the line. In fact, this’s not at all difficult task and among the simplest ones.
If my article is published, how can I come to know about it?
You can request the publisher to inform you whenever they publish your article. This’s one of the condition or publication as well. You may discover that most of them do not prefer this and hence it’s always better for you set up a Google alert on. It often let you know along with the URL whenever your article has hit the web page. Upon receiving a alert, it should be endorsed as mandatory procedure to check out the article as to know whether the article has remained the same and the link on the article is fully functional which is going back to your web-site.


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