Networking – Five Method to Make Your Network Meetings More Effective

In these tough economic times, networking is more famous than ever and formal groups have popped up everywhere. Some business owners invite networking every week but they do not get a well return for their time investment.


Networking – these are five method to make you network meetings more effective.

  1. Prepare in advance by having a clear message of what your business actually does. Have plenty of business cards with you and attempt to seeking out who would be at the meeting in advance of going.

Whether you are a plumber or an accountant and there would be thirty people at the meeting, it’s possible that some of those people may require your services at some point. To me the exact target at any network meeting is a referral source or alliance partner. So for the accountant, the people good placed to give him or her referrals on an on-going basis may be a attorney or banker. For the plumber it might be a builder or a carpenter.


  1. Network naturally and do not sell. The goal of any network meeting isn’t to sell but to make connections with people which you can follow up with sometime after the meeting. There’s nothing more off putting that the person who goes to a network people and looks like they’re attempt to beat the Guinness book of records for how many business cards can be gather in the shortest time. Equally off putting is the person who is attempting to sell you their product or service.



  1. Take a genuine interest in individual and ask lots of questions. To me the target of networking is to meet new person so that you both have an opportunity to tap into each other’s network, where the fit is right. We refer business to individual we recognize, like and trust. Business is all about person and relationships so take the time to chat with individual you meet and get to know them. Some people feel a bit shy going into network events and a room with different strangers but rest assured those people in the room feel the same way as you.


Ask general query about how long somebody is in business, what they like most about their firm etc.


  1. Have a clear message about your business that individual will remember.

This might be easier said than done so work on it with colleagues, family or others. Stress the advantage of what you do. Do not be scare to sound a bit different. Whether you are an accountant could you say that ‘you assist people to minimize their tax bill every year’. A web-designer I know has a great mentioning – ‘I assist people build a new shop window for their business’.


  1. Follow up shortly after the meeting. Here’s the another good method for you. At the end of every network meeting I go to, I get all the business cards that I have collected and make a note on them of the venue and the date. I priorities the ones that I see as a potential source of referrals for me as well . People usually linger after network events so why not have a further chat with anybody that you consider may be very special interest to you. Manage a meeting or phone call in the near future.

Social media and e-mail are a awesome way of following up, so within 1 day or 2 of the meeting you can connect with people and/or drop a quick e-mail.


Networking is one of the most great ways of promoting your business and seeking good business partners who can refer you business on an on-going basis.

It’s a zero cost marketing idea and if you’d like to learn more about it…



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