Make Your Marketing Up A Notch By Designing The Awsome Business Card

Business card can be a great assist for promoting your business. Everywhere you go will bump into individual who will be interested in your business. You can speak to them for hours about it and there’ every opportunity they will not remember you by the next time or next week comes around. People have a habit of forgetting staffs and if your name is not constantly in their face you don not have chance. Providing someone your business card is old news and many people don not consider it work anymore, But it absolutely dose.



Nowadays you can make your card specially printed by an online firm and it would be to the exact design with your option or choice. No more will you have to use a terrible machine that print out cards that look the exact similar as everyone else. While you give someone your card they could remember you. That’s if you get it right. Lots of people try to come up with the good business card and they get it wrong. You do not need to suffer the same fate whether you realize what you are doing. Here’s some things to consider about when designing your card.


When you see most business cards they’re always white with black lettering. That is awesome, But your card would look the exact similar as everyone’s. It’s not the good way to promote a business. Seriously, This rely on entirely on what type of business you run. Might be the more professional services might look better with basic colors, However, if your business is a little more funky then there is no reason why you cannot play around with different color to see what look good.


Size And Shape Matter

Just like most business cards it have black and white coloring, Mostly all will be the traditional rectangular shape. Again, It all comes down to being the similar as everyone else. You don not require to do it. Just mention you have a photography business. What should you prefer: A boring rectangular card, Or a card in the shape of a camera?  One will stand out a lot more than the other. Whether you are a gardener you might have one in the shape of a flower. These would always get picked up first while someone is selecting who to go with.


Adventurous Detail Everyone usually says you would stick to the minimum amount of the detail on your card. consumers don not want to see lots of flash words. Tell them what you do and that’s it. Or is it? Whether you are a plastic surgeon it’s maybe a good idea to keep it simplistic. It looks more expert and that is what your service is about, However, if you are a freelance, then It is your job to be a little  funky.


Use a different texture

If your design is on plan paper it would not feel any different while consumer is holding it in their hand. Whether you use a different type of texture it’s obviously going to create more curiosity.

During they open the drawer they’ll want to pick it up to see what it feels like. This means your card is the first one they look at. Person are more likely to go with the first one they pick up, So half the battle is already won.


Give something for free

People are always be drawn to a card where they get something for free. Image your are searching for a personal trainer and you got two cards. One just has their phone contact, But other one says you get free 1 hour consultation before paying them your money. Which one are you more likely to go with? Paying something away for free will always involve a price in one way or another, So you will get much more business.


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