Kristen Stewart Dim after The Success of “Twilight”

Efficient assistant plays a famous European actress who gives life Juliette Binoche. Reading the news in the tabloids about a young Hollywood star (played by Chloe Moretz), he said dismissively: “Are celebrity news are fun.” When reviewing possible roles for his boss, exactriz “Twilight” says a werewolf movie has “for some reason”.

“I had to seriously control the joy that was exploding in my face when those talks said” Stewart said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I do not think the film concerned only that, it’s not a comment on the crazy nature of this medium in the United States, especially. But if anyone knows that I am.”

Stewart, 24, does not seem to escape his past as a teen idol, which indeed seems to have already passed long ago, but now I turn to look winking. “Clouds of Mary” (“Sils Maria”) opens in the US on April 10 and is part of a series of films that made Stewart at high speed.

“I’m having more fun than ever,” Stewart said. “These movies we go like that (snaps fingers). We ‘Camp X-Ray’ in 20 days. It’s better when it’s faster.”

The frenetic pace contrasts with the heavy demands of a series of five films including “Twilight”. Now mainly it made independent films and papers, as in “Clouds of Mary”, often sharing or part of a more complete list. She played the daughter of Julianne Moore in “Still Alice” and a guard at Guantanamo in “Camp X-Ray”. He ended a romance science fiction (“Equals”), a thriller (“American Ultra”) and drama of a robbery in New York (“Anesthesia”). He has been filming the adaptation of Kelly Reichardt tales of Maile Meloy and will be one of the protagonists in the next Woody Allen.

“As there is little prospect for any of those movies, no moments that people have read in a book and represent the most important thing in their lives, really let myself go,” he said, comparing his role in “Twilight.”

He said it has become “much better to rely on myself and not think you need to use those nerves and crazy inertia to convince everyone on set that you are legitimate.”

Stewart’s work post “Twilight” reveals (or perhaps remember) that its nature is less that of a megastar and an actress with the inclination to naturalism, instinct and curiosity. Basically it has returned to the same type of independent films made outside of “Twilight”, “Adventureland”, “Welcome to the Rileys”, “The Runaways”. Sticking his ruthlessness to choose paper or an apparent attempt to bolster his career.

“My favorite actors are not people who make perfect characters,” Stewart said. “I want to see people willing to go to places that have not determined. Want to see the surprise on their faces.”

Assayas (“Summer Hours,” “Carlos”) approached Stewart for “Clouds of Mary” at the suggestion of Charles Gillibert producer who had worked with her in the adaptation of “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac, another production French. Stewart said he never received the script (“and they in very French way not called, asked or pressured”), so the role went to Mia Wasikowska. After Wasikowska left the tape Stewart added.

“It’s really something you have not seen it,” said Assayas Cannes Film Festival where the film was originally released. “Kristen, regardless of the image one has of it, is the end of a great actress account by any standard in that it looks”.

By now it has won the French. In February, he became the first American actress to win a César for his role in “Clouds of Mary”.

On the relationship between the actors and their publicists Stewart said: “It’s much more complicated than ‘go get me water’ ” Although he plays a character out of fame, is perhaps the closest to her role..

“Not a diversion. It’s a world I know very well, I have observed a lot,” he said. “Actually I was not trying to be somebody else.”

Stewart himself seems physically shrink, with a defensive pose and sleeves rolled up. It never ends with relax, but are encouraged to talk about their inspirations and their newfound creative freedom.

Asked whether the changed “Twilight” Stewart reluctantly wanders about how he helped her realize she’s an actress. But when I say that it seems that “Twilight” is far from his thoughts, nods quickly.

“Full, only I have to think about that when you ask me.”

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