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Last year, Content freshness become much more significant ranking factor following a Google update in November. While not every topic require timely information, Those that’ll advantage by keeping their content up to date. Many webmasters create a page to make it live. That’s probably fine for industries with little change, But not okay for webmasters marketing industries or products that change constantly such as search engine optimization.



E-commerce site by nature add new products to their inventory and discontinue others. Many of these website have thousands of pages and it can take quite some time for the search engine to crawl deep enough to discover them all. why not kill two birds with 1 stone and implement and RSS feed of new product in either the left or right-hand column of the home page. The home page stays fresh, And because of these new pages are linked from the home page, They’ll be crawled more faster.


Blog content

When updated frequently is the definition of fresh content content. And site can implement a blog. It a best to have that blog reside at so your root domain is credited for any incoming traffic to your blog. Your latest blog can be displayed on your home page.



Freshest Site On-line.

If you take a look at the site that known for producing fresh content, You will notice the home page has different section that update with links to new pages or posts form other areas of the website. This’s often seen on community websites where you will see section for forum post, Photo, events, review, blog post, etc. Whether you’re only production one sort of content, think of other features that benefit your sites.


Freshness doesn’t mean you should constantly edit your meta tags. I have seen people do this and meddling with them frequently will success the opposite of what you need– You will trigger spam filters with google.


User generated content can keep your site fresh, But moderation is recommenced. Users seem get lazy and write just a few sentence. Whether you make your guidelines know and only accept content that follows it, you’ve a free way to add new information to your site on an ongoing basis. Contest offer a way to support user content, and because the person posting want to get win, There’s incentive to follow guideline.


To This end, Guest blog posts are awesome ways to generate fresh content. Find writers who can add content that compliment your own. What you do not want to do is create so many various irrelevant topics on your site. Stick to your niche and allow posts that would interest your current customer following.


If you’re stuck on ideas for generating fresh content, check on the latest online news for your niche. Often, You’ll find something timely to write about people will be searching for more information on the subject.

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