Hercules: The Biggest Cat in The World

A docile “kitty” of nearly 400 pounds of weight here Hercules, the largest cat in the world, officially with the upcoming 2014 version of the Guinness Book record of the World. The animal, a specimen of owner, lives in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and, despite the size, is of no danger.

He has already spoken in the past, the beautiful hybrid between lion father and tiger mother, but if it were not of this size never seen before. Along nearly 3.5 meters high and 1.5 behind, Hercules spends his days at Myrtle Beach Safari, a reserve where exotic animals are cared for in full respect of their natural habitat.

He was Born in 2011 to a small of four specimens, Hercules – called according to mythology because of its strength and its incomprehensible tonnage – since small has been shown to be different from others. Eat more than 9 pounds of meat a day and, for filing her nails, it needs a big tree in his honor. Could kill a person with a simple swipe, it could pull off a limb with only a slight bite, but Hercules is one of the more sociable animals that have ever hosted in captivity, so that often travels from coast to coast in the United States for events awareness to respect the biodiversity of fauna world.

As well as support the same found the Guinness Book of World Records, Hercules marks not only the record of greatness. in fact, the first time to become part of the famous collection. A milestone not just for a very rare animal species, especially as the offspring of a lion and tiger very often sterile, so not able to procreate. Why is this exemplary soared do not know, but in his heart always remains a big puppy. And who knows, make friends with Zeus and Giant George, the biggest dog in the world.

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