Five Tips To Instance Eliminate Writer’s Blog In Blogger

Most bloggers will agree that writer’s blog is their main issue that causes them not to update their blog often. The content is king in the internet world, not updating your blog often will mean steady decrease in your blog or site traffic. That is why you need to eliminate your writer’s blog quickly if you wish to keep your traffic flowing. Here’re five tips to instantly eliminate writer’s blog in blogging:


  1. Do that first step

Most people are hesitant to do something because they do not want to take the first step. Remember that in order to finish anything, you require to do what is important, even if it is a simple thing. People say that the journey of thousand miles start with the first step. This is true in writing as well. Unless you do the first step, you cannot get your mind flowing with ideas. So, whenever you are stuck at the blank screen, do with small thing that will get your hands busy writing. For example, you can create an outline, or write that first sentence.


  1. No fear

Most bloggers wish to write something good, but always their fears are holding them back. You might experience the similar thing. The fear that’s holding you back will make you hesitant to write that blog post. Remember that scare is your enemy in blogging. It will halt your process, as well as ruin your achieves with your blog. Identify this fear and eliminate it right away. Do you fear that your audience will not like your writing? Do you fear that your blog post will someone

boring? By all means, write anyway.


  1. Segment your writing

You might not be comfortable to write for one long hour for your blog post. In the other hand, to ease your writing, you should begin to segment your writing. It means that you require to start to schedule your writing so that it’ll make you to become comfortable with the writing process itself. For example, you can divide the whole writing process into 3 big parts. The first part is to write the first paragraph, the second part is to write the content, and the third part is to write the conclusion. Then, do this in a comfortable time-frame. For example, you can give 1 hour to finish each part in your writing.


  1. Outline your writing

Outlining is vital because it’ll act like a map for your content. Whether you want to write that excellent blog post, You have to realize what to write. By creating an outline, you will never go astray in your writing. You would stay on topic, and it will assist you in working toward finishing your blog post step by step. Outlining is simple an important strategy to get your writing done. With this technique, writing your blog post is just like filling in the blanks.


  1. Absorb the material

Obviously, you have to make sure that your writing flows naturally and effortlessly. That is why the most powerful thing to do to keep your mind flowing with ideas is to read a lot. Yep, you have to master your material or niche in a way that you become familiar with it. However, spend your idle time together more knowledge about your niche. Just read a lot, and in time you will be amazed at how easy it’s to write your blog post.


Those are tips that you can apply in order to eliminate writer’s blog instantly. Most bloggers do not update their blog as always as they should. Those bloggers do not know what to write in their blog; However they do not update it often. But, what will it do for your blog traffic? Your blog traffic will plummet, and you will lose visitors quickly Whether you don’t update your blog often. Those tips will assist you to eliminate your writer’s blog to kick start your mind to write your next blog post.


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