Cristiano Ronaldo Biography

He was born in a poor family and as a child, I wanted to reach the highest work. Heart surgery could reduce its projection.

Today marks 30 years one of the best players in history. A self-made man. A player born in poverty, on an island in half the world, Madeira. From there I wanted to succeed in life. In the “football”. Get his mother out of poverty. I had to go to Lisbon to be released. If I had not left, it would not come to anything, because nobody would have seen him play at fourteen with the claw, this courage, this ambition.


Behind star focus unstoppable work of fifteen to fourteen years to become the best player in the world is hidden. Behind the scenes of the two champions of the three Golden Balls, Boots of the same metal and Pichichis is a man dedicated since childhood, in their area of Funchal, to try to be the best player in Portugal.

When I was twelve years old and wanted to be Figo. He got to play with him that his selection of Euro 2004 left at home. Unforgettable tears of the young Ronaldo, 19 years, losing the final against Greece in Lisbon. At home, he heard always Eusebio Torres, Coluna. I wanted to be one of them. And it is. Even he spent. He is the best player in the world. It is the story of constant improvement.

“He wants to be the best player of all time,” said his agent Jorge Mendes. “For me he’s the best player in history. No dedicated the-clock every day of his life preparing to be number one,” said the representative who was with his rights when he was only 16 years old. I saw him play and I knew there was a diamond.

“The secret is to be the best in the world could reduce work pressure and never did. You train as much or more than anyone. He has everything and does not relax. He continues to work if I had anything. “said the man who is still in contact with him to Manuela Brandao, Santos and other aid.

Ancelotti reveals a secret that Mendes was there many years. “The Christian’s Secret is competing with itself, are called into the question.” A companion site that perfectly defines desire to be number one. “He is his own worst enemy because he is insulted and criticized when it fails, like having two personalities in one.” It is self-deception want to be better every day. You cannot stop. The day he train, is over. “But never train and play until your legs say it is enough,” said another player.

“They retire at 38, you’ll see, just think of football,” said another player on the team, confirming Mendes forecasts. Your password is working today than when I was a kid. We have forged explain how this difficult journey of glory.

At fifteen, Christian lived a tragic moment, decisive for the future of your life. And his career. Already it belonged to Sporting Lisbon, which is actually called the Sporting Club in Portugal. He had a test and had been signed, of course. His courage, his speed, his character and his aggressiveness in attack were virtues admired by the scouts of the equipment. Everything could be finished when he was diagnosed with a heart problem could withdraw from the football. Sporting informed his mother, Dolores dos Santos, his heart condition. They needed permission to operate and see if the problem had a solution or had to hang up his boots at 16.

Dolores, the person who was always at his side to become number one, gave permission for the surgery. He had surgery laser. All was went good. There were no injuries. He could continue his dream of being a footballer. A few days after training needed again. He began again, with more enthusiasm.

Jorge Mendes then began to be his lawyer. Christian and made his debut in the Portuguese first division, with Sporting at 17. He was born a star. In his second game and scored twice. Portugal all felt they had another idol future. “But Star had nothing,” says Mendes. “I knew I had to work hard to succeed.”

Luis Figo, his childhood idol, describes him perfectly. I was exercising at Sporting Lisbon and its future was clear. “It will be a big boy.” I did not want for its quality as a striker. He calibrated to form the view in the afternoon alone in the gym. After sessions with all staff, this kid of 16, fibrous, thin, thin, every nerve, prepared with weights and exercise to improve their muscles, their speed and shooting fouls.

“That’s his secret, working again today equal” indicates Coentrao, his friend, the man who comes and goes by car to the formation of Real Madrid. Pepe, his other friend Portuguese, emulates his work. “Cristiano is the best in the world, just think to be trained. “

Today continues the same as when I was 16 years that shaped his future. With this old, playing at Sporting, he came to see Gerrard Houllier, on behalf of Liverpool. “It’s not signed him because he looked very young,” say their parents. “Big mistake” they added. “Alex Ferguson came and it did not escape,” he commented slyly friends. He signed for Manchester United and went on to win € 1,500 to 150,000 in one day. But there is no money went to the head. Upside. I’m not thinking about money. Yes, he thought to solve his life for his mother, Dolores, who had suffered so much. I wanted to be the best to forget all the difficulties of his life.

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