Compare Universal Studios and Disneyland Hollywood Holiday in SoCal

Imagine that you are taking a vacation to Southern California and realize that not enough time to visit all the theme parks in class seven. What is your job? Given how much there is to see and experience at Cal, so, this is not such a crazy dilemma.

First, can you name the major theme parks? It’s like naming the seven dwarves or Santa reindeer. There Disneyland (plus California Adventure park worthy in their own right), Knott’s Berry Farm (oldest parks), Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sea World and Legoland (for children).

The first thought would hit Disneyland Resort; After all, who wants to visit the original Magic Kingdom? But there is a good chance that you’ve already been to Disneyland and maybe you should broaden your horizons-try something new. So let’s do a brief comparison between Disneyland and one of the most likely alternative, say the Universal Studios Hollywood (RAS).

RAS has a distinct personality and offers an experience you will not find in Anaheim. The park was built around a working studio and one of the features is the study tour. You can also buy a VIP tour that really immerses you in the process of filmmaking. Disney offers nothing comparable to this.

In fact Disney is carefully creating and maintaining the facade of fantasy – a wonderful world where activities pretend hiding among racks of the “guests”. Universal Studios delights in showing the magic behind the scenes. The Studio Tour, Water world Stunt Show and other smaller shows clearly let see later stage.

Both parks employ lovable characters in the Public Relations Department. Disneyland has the Seven Dwarfs; RAS has Ghostbusters. Anaheim has Goofy; Hollywood is Homer Simpson. Minnie Mouse Disneyland and this raises is answered by Betty Boop. Disney and Universal Pictures. There Indiana Jones vs Revenge of the Mummy.

Anaheim catches the fireworks at night and the Fantastic show; in Hollywood you catch the Blues Brothers tribute show. For shopping, dining and entertainment street there is Downtown Disney … or there Universal City Walk. Overall, probably you win Disney but Universal Studios give them a run for their money.

The holiday schedule could affect your decision. You probably need most of two days to really see Disneyland. A long day at RAS probably will do the job, unless the lines are very long. He is frustrated with a day-especially in Anaheim Disney’s California Adventure next door (we are not talking here). Bottom line: if you do not really have enough time to do justice to the Magic Kingdom, may be a better call to have a great day at Universal Studios.

Both parks offer fun for visitors of all ages. However, you will not find quite as much flush for very young children. On a hot summer day, Universal could be tough with children in strollers. They do not appreciate spending so much time on the tour and shows how their older children. On the other hand, Disneyland is more expensive in general. If budget is an issue, Universal Studios could save some money.

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