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Kristen Stewart Dim after The Success of “Twilight”

Efficient assistant plays a famous European actress who gives life Juliette Binoche. Reading the news in the tabloids about a young Hollywood star (played by Chloe Moretz), he said dismissively: “Are celebrity news are fun.” When reviewing possible roles for his boss, exactriz “Twilight” says a werewolf movie has “for some reason”. “I had to

New Fresh Idea for Hollywood Producer

If you think being an outsider from Hollywood makes it impossible to see firsthand is not it. In my first year as a development executive Merv Griffin Entertainment, I brought in a concept created by a journalist in Florida. The idea was written in a two-page outline, and explored the simple idea; “To what extent

New Year – The Celebration Event Universal

New Year is a universal celebration that surrounds every heart with joy, happiness and bliss. One can experience the atmosphere of celebration, flying kisses where each continent and country are drapes in party colors, bright fireworks. The way to celebrate the new year of the event varies from country to country. New Year is a

Compare Universal Studios and Disneyland Hollywood Holiday in SoCal

Imagine that you are taking a vacation to Southern California and realize that not enough time to visit all the theme parks in class seven. What is your job? Given how much there is to see and experience at Cal, so, this is not such a crazy dilemma. First, can you name the major theme

Hollywood Producers Need Some Brand New Idea

Hollywood is built on the power of “idea”, and television is the fastest platform development ideas, be produced through storytelling and games. Most people think of Hollywood as a closed door, with opportunities reserved for those who “know people”. On the contrary, Hollywood is a machine constantly on the lookout for new ideas to help

Snowboarding Mogul Shaun White Out for More Gold

Shawn White has set the standard for the adrenaline filled sport like no other snowboarder to date has. Snowboarding as an Olympic sport first made its dbut in 1998 at the Olympic Winter Games in . The event did not go off without its controversy as several boarders boycotted the first ever Olympic event on

Jennifer Lopez Falls at American Music Awards – Career Highs and J Lo’s for Out of Sight Star

Jennifer Lopez took a tumble at the American Music Awards on Sunday 23 rd November after climbing a ladder made of men. She jumped off the top and landed very awkwardly in a fall that could have been much more serious. The show went on for brave J Lo as she continued and completed the

Paris Hilton – Aquarius, Leo Moon, Sagittarius Rising – A Symbol of What?

First of all, they had to name her “Paris”. Somebody was writing with Destiny’s Crayon. Fast forward from Feb 17, 1981 and , she goes to Paris and has a video made of her doing to a man what every man went cross-eyed over! So she gets famous where she wasn’t famous before. This funds