5 Tips To Retrain This Summer

If you do not get opportunities to work of if you are tired of your current job and want to turn around your career, maybe this is the time to change. In article we give you 5 tips from 5 question you should ask yourself:


1.What can you do?

surely you are able to work in more areas than you think at first. So stop and think and prepare a list of your qualifications and employment sectors where you think these important can be significant.


  1. What opportunities do I fine?

In addition to analyze ourselves, we should also explore opportunities in the labor market. Sectors such as tourism and hospitality staff demand in summer months, although most of these contracts re temporary. If you go to seek employment in a different sector that you did so far, it is time to for jobs offer in this area.


  1. How I can start to change?

In some cases, retraining will be easier than it seems to be, either because the new area we seek is related to our specialization or because the process of acquiring new knowledge is not complex. In some case, be more or less difficult we must not fail to be formed and to learn new things.


  1. Who I can contact?

If you want to have a new professional profile, In addition to train you, You must find the right people who can help you directly. if you know who can guide you or contact with other people in this area and use social networks like Linkedin to create and expand your network of contacts.


  1. What has helped me all this?

The worst mistake you can make is to think that everything we’ve done so far hast not earned at all. Your training and your professional experience. However, there are important and carry a lot of effort behind. perhaps now you do not think so because of the poor state of the labor market, but remember that it is not your fault and that everything you have done so far can be help you in the future. Seeking new job opportunities in other areas as you continue seeking employment in your industry. although we understand that it is difficult, try to be patience and not despair. Please do not give up while you yet find one, keep doing this, You will find your favorite job in some days very soon.



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