10 Tips for Those Over 45 Year Old Who Are Seeking Employment

The company Adecco has recently published” Decalogue to find employment after 45 year,” with interesting and useful tips you need to shear with you, and you can implement them if you are in this situation.



Adecco advises you to apply your CV when looking for work and adapt to what demands of constantly changing jobs. you must provide your characteristic. also if you want to grow your training, which to improve a profile about what you want to be position and tell them what you are looking for work.


Having a brief CV: If you are older than 20 Years old man/women working, you will have accumulated a good list of professional experiences, but be aware, The CV should never exceed 2 pages and are always on one side, Emphasizing the most significant and they have worked longer and quit those where you were a month those just taking up space and always remember to place them job position that you require.


Bring your CV to every offer

If you take the curriculum in various jobs you have to bring your own CV for each of these deals through the job experience in CV. Those over 45 year old have it easier because most have held several different positions throughout his life, Making it easier to give them a different approach to each CV.


Highlight your achievement

Many have been working for several years in the same company but to play several positions, In such cases it is best to break monotony of CV providing a differential value to classical job description.


Say Yes to new technologies

You must learn to about Microsoft office, Email and some internet staff package. That no need to be an expert, but I have basic knowledge of each. You should not be afraid because even people over 80 years old they being learn.


You can search with social network

Twitter and Linkedin, Facebook.. have become key tools in the job search. you probably think” this is not me” But given the experience you have”a young person cannot match) and managing new technologies, your CV will be much more positive.


Your age is a treasure

Certainly do not think that your age is older is against you before interview. But be clear about one thing, being over 45 yours old is not the problem and should never hide it. You must show predisposed to learn, not caring that you boss is someone younger and demonstrate that you have a huge potential that you can teach. always positive; trust yourself and ability. self-criticism is good but do not punish.


I want you for good cause

Have you considered doing volunteer? it is true or it is not. but this activity not only take your free time, also helps you to meet people and be better valued by companies. The long-term unemployment is chronic disease which you tent to think it is going to be harder to find work. If you do volunteer will serve useful for society. Your are not alone: even though you still looking for work but not find it yet, There are many experts in employment agencies that can help you.



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